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Series One Episodes

"Ten Rules for Surviving Labor Day"

Ten Rules for Surviving Labor Day covers the many things that can and do go wrong at picnics and cookouts - from cross contamination,  fire hazards, improper cooking and the right kind of pie to eat on Labor Day.  It ends with a rule for drinking and driving.

"Fear of Food, Food Allergies,
or Please Keep Your Nuts Off My Dish"

Fear of Food features a training and awareness video created for the restaurant industry by Aurora Saulo of the University of Hawaii.  The eight most common food allergens will be covered along with how to avoid them and what to do when an allergic reaction to food occurs.

"Buffets!  The Good, The Bad & The Dangerous"

Buffets!  The Good, The Bad & The Dangerous or how to eat smart at buffets includes advice on buffet items best avoided, those probably the safest, when to eat at a buffet and when to walk away.  The Diving Double Dipping Digit of Doom Award for this show goes to an actual buffet double dipper caught in the act.

"How Not to Kill Your Family on Thanksgiving"
With Tips From Special Guest, Tom Turkey

How Not to Kill Your Family on Thanksgiving will air in time for our favorite eating holiday.  Both mainland and island style Thanksgiving fare are covered.  Tom Turkey will give tips on food preparation, serving, storing and eating left-overs, and advice on drinking and driving.

"Happy Hanachristkwanzicha, and A Haole Makahiki Hou! Surviving the Holidays, Again"

Happy Hanachristkwanzicha, and A Haole Makahiki Hou! will bring timely advice for making it safely through your holiday celebration of choice.  How to avoid blowing knaidel chunks.  How much bourbon does it take to kill the salmonella in the eggnog if you use raw eggs?  And what is a chitterling  anyway?  And ,of course, another drunk driving advisory.